Procreate App Alternatives

Since the Procreate App for PC or the Procreate App for Windows is not available, here a few set of alternatives to it –

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Powerful photo editing & digital painting skills are available in Pixelmator. This software is exclusively accessible on iOS devices, much like Procreate. It allows you to edit pictures that are up to 100 megapixels in size. It comes with a variety of tools and effects for colour correction and modification. You may use its selection of presets for quick changes.

More than 100 brushes, paint impacts, layers, or layer effects are included in the software. For more accurate drawings, use an Apple Pencil. Other varieties of active stylus devices are also supported. You may import and export Photoshop files as well as PNG, JPEG, and other file types. Compared to Procreate, Pixelmator is more inexpensive at $4.99 USD. A 15-day, no-restrictions free trial of Pixelmator is available.

ArtStudio Pro

You may also use ArtStudio on your iPad to paint and draw. It is perfect for new painters because it virtually includes everything you need to make amazing artwork. ArtStudio, in contrast to Procreate, includes just 25 brushes total, including pencils, a bucket filler, a smudge tool, and an airbrush. You can mimic brush pressure and resize the brushes using it.

Up to five levels may be created, and each layer’s transparency and order can be changed. Additionally, it enables the usage of filters including sharpen, blur, sepia, and edge detection. Procreate is more expensive than ArtStudio. The Pro edition costs US$11.99 to buy. You can obtain the Lite version if you’re not ready to pay for the full one.

Autodesk Sketchbook

When it comes to software for graphic and illustration design, Autodesk is a well-known brand. Popular drawing software for mobile devices Autodesk Sketchbook produces high-quality work. It is accessible on all platforms, including iOS and Android.

Compared to Procreate, the programme has a larger maximum canvas size. Procreate, however, still has a little advantage when it comes to brushes. Over 190 different brushes are programmable in Sketchbook. You may pick from a variety of pencils, inks, and markers, among other drawing tools, much like in most other drawing programmes. The proprietary Copic colour library, a favourite of illustrators, is also included.

Ibis Paint X 

Ibis Paint X is a fantastic Procreate substitute. Ibis Paint X has a tonne of tools and templates that are ideal for usage with manga and anime. The software has a Screen Tone tool to assist you in getting that vintage manga appearance. Additionally, you may alter text bubbles and frame dividers to resemble comic book panels. Similar to Procreate, you may create line art, colouring, and sketches using several layers.

Ibis Paint X further enables you to document the drawing procedure. This will make it simple for you to post about the behind-the-scenes action on social media. It is a need for any budding artist because it comes with a variety of brushes and colour palettes.

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